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Foaming Technology for Tissue Engineering Scaffolds

Introduction: Tissue Scaffolds: Tissue engineering is a growing field that attempts to provide solutions for the regeneration of tissues that have been damaged due to disease or injury. To achieve this, tissue engineering scaffolds are regularly used to promote repair and regeneration of tissues. Scaffolds provide a three-dimensional (3D) construct and are designed to support […]

Poly-Med, Inc. Welcomes Governor Henry McMaster

GREENVILLE, S.C., October 13th, 2021 — Governor Henry McMaster visited with state leaders and the executive leadership team of Poly-Med, Inc.’s at its newest facility located just outside of Greenville, SC last week.  Governor McMaster’s visit was aimed at taking stock of the ever-growing biomedical industry and Poly-Med’s growing presence in the medical device industry […]

Understanding Your Product’s Performance – The Importance of In Vitro Degradation Studies for Bioabsorbable Implants

Bioabsorbable polymers were first introduced in the 1960s and have gained traction in the use of medical devices due to their ability to be safely resorbed; thus, leading to a reduction in complications typically observed with the long-term use of foreign material in the human body. These materials are unique in that they can be […]


In late January, Poly-Med, Inc.’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Scott Taylor, organized and chaired a two-day virtual workshop on the use of absorbable polymers for medical devices sponsored by ASTM Committee F04 on Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices.  The ASTM International defines and sets global standards across industries; these standards are used to improve product […]

Dr. Shalaby honored with InnoVision Award – The Dr. Charles Townes Individual Achievement Award 2020

In November 2020, Poly-Med’s founder, Dr. Shalaby W. Shalaby, was awarded the Dr. Charles Townes Individual Lifetime Achievement Award. This awardhonors an individual who has exhibited a sustained commitment to the advancement of technology and the community through his/her technology-oriented and innovative contributions. Such contributions may be business, civic, and/or educational in nature and must […]

Customized Delivery with Resorbable Polymers

Polymeric drug delivery systems have undergone significant development in the last two decades. Polymeric drug delivery has defined as a formulation or a device that enables the introduction of a therapeutic substance into the body.  Biodegradable and resorbable polymers make this possible choice for lot of new drug delivery systems. Challenges of drug administration: Administration […]

Technology Spotlight: Absorbable Composites for Implantable Scaffolds

As the emergence of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine fields continue to take off, Poly-Med, Inc. has long been a partner and proponent in innovative scaffold design.  With the ability to be a one-stop-shop for implantable scaffold and device development from polymer to product, Poly-Med has been able to build upon its research expertise and […]

Breakable barriers: absorbable polymer films in medical devices

At Poly-Med (PMI), we pride ourselves in being a “one-stop shop”, providing medical grade materials and processing services at our facilities. PMI is a trusted leader in the production of bioresorbable polymers suitable for our client’s needs. We have a variety of polymers that covers a wide range of physical and mechanical properties. Additionally, PMI […]

Medical-grade electrospinning for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine: a new tool for biomedical textiles

As the global medical device field continues to expand (currently >$330 Billion), a paradigm shift has focused on the creation of resorbable medical devices.  This movement has been driven by the desire of final device manufacturers to replace current non-degradable implants along with the application and creation of resorbable devices (and scaffolds) in the emerging […]

Biomedical Textile Spotlight: Braiding Bioresorbables

At Poly-Med, Inc., we focus on the design, development, and manufacturing of polymeric bioresorbable medical components, devices, and excipients. Our in-house vertically integrated system sets us apart from other competitors and makes us the LEADER OF BIORESORBABLES. We offer a wide variety of integrated solutions, including textile manufacturing of medical-grade braids. With our vertically integrated […]