Did you know Poly-Med, Inc. Provides Analytical Services?

At Poly-Med, analytical testing has been and continues to be a cornerstone of our key technological advancements in bioresorbable materials. In our formative years, our early developmental work utilized a vast array of in-house testing equipment to characterize, refine, and create our extensive polymer suite. As an added benefit of our years of growth and accumulation of laboratory skills and equipment, we can offer our extensive analytical capabilities to you – our clients – to support the development of your medical device and pharmaceutical products.

In polymer science, it is important to assess the structural integrity at different processing steps via inherent viscosity (IV) measurements. This information provides insight to the extent of degradation in a polymer, and can give a snapshot of the overall state of the material. Additionally, our polymers can be characterized using difference scanning calorimetry to determine key material characteristics like glass transition and melt temperatures. Our capabilities also include both gas chromatography (GC) and gel permeation chromatography (GPC) to determine residuals, polydispersity, and other molecular attributes.

We frequently extend these services to our clients both within, and independently of, our design and development projects. Poly-Med aims to be a trusted long-term partner for your product’s development – and that includes analytical testing needs. To meet the specific needs of our clients, analysis can be performed on an as-requested basis, or as part of release testing. We perform analysis according to consensus standards and develop custom test methods as needed. Customers benefit from our broad capabilities, fast turn-around time, and quality of service. Visit our analytics page here to see our full service offerings. Contact us for specific questions about our services or the development of testing protocols.