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R&D Facility Expansion

Poly-Med Inc.’s corporate offices and R&D operations merge under one roof. This expanded facility allows growth into new operations; including dedicated extrusion and coating facilities along with enhanced analytical capabilities.

First Medical Device Release

Forming a relationship with a leading partner in the industry, the first product to utilize a Poly-Med, Inc. technology is launched. We worked with our partner to identify materials and process, and continue to support them through contract manufacturing today.

First Patents

Setting the framework for our distinctive strategy in vertical integration and unique product offerings, the first patent applications are filed. US Patents 5,898,040 and 5,969,020 “Microporous polymeric foams and microtextured surfaces” were granted from these initial applications. These original patents disclose novel materials and processes to generate substrates for the medical market.


Dr. Shalaby W. Shalaby founded Poly-Med, Inc. in Pendleton, South Carolina. His vision continues to drive our dedicated approach. Our company remains focused on the advancement of bioresorbable polymers for use in medical device and drug delivery applications.