Bioresorbable Polymer Composites as Implantable Medical Devices

As the emergence of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine fields continue to take off, Poly-Med, Inc. has long been a partner and proponent in innovative scaffold design.  With the ability to be a one-stop-shop for implantable scaffold and device development from polymer to product, Poly-Med has been able to build upon its research expertise and was recently awarded a patent by the US Patent office for its scaffold technology.  United States Patent # 10,004,833 titled “Absorbable Permeability-Modulated Barrier Composites and Applications Thereof” highlights the manufacture of a multilayered constructs comprised of varying materials for use as a scaffold in a variety of indications.  

The invention deals with an absorbable permeability modulated barrier composite that is fabricated from a multi-layered structure forming a composite to better mimic natural tissue properties.  One of the major benefits with composites is that multiple structures of different physico-chemical materials can be adjoined and form a singular construct with unique properties.  Within the invention, the composite material is constructed from a base layer that is a flexible film combined with additional reinforcement from a textile structure, and microfibrous layer using Poly-Med’s proprietary electrospinning processes.  The physico-chemically distinct layers provide unique properties whereby varying morphologies and chemistries can elicit different biological responses when implanted in the body.  With the microfibrous coating, the fibers are able to better replicate the topography of the native extacellular tissue structure.  The microfibrous layer can vary in both fiber properties (size) and thickness to provide a soft layer that can be readily infiltrated with a patient’s native cells.  Applications of this technology can range from general surgery use, neurological use, bladder replacement, musculoskeletal tissues, among others.     

As with all of Poly-Med’s technologies, the ability to tailor polymer chemistry and material selection is a key aspect of designing the right scaffold.  Poly-Med polymers are medical grade and can be uniquely tailored based on their exact composition, segmentation, and molecular properties.   With this technology (and others) varying medical-grade polymers from Glycoprene®, Lactoprene®, and Dioxaprene® offer another lever to pull in the design of scaffolds. To learn more about this exciting technology or other technologies available at Poly-Med, contact us at