Poly-Med to Present 5 Posters at SFB Annual Meeting

Poly-Med Inc. will be presenting 5 posters at the Society for Biomaterials (SFB) Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN this April. Poly-Med is proud to be a part of the clinicians, researchers, and students from medical device manufacturers, academic research labs, and operating rooms across the country and around the world that gather at this annual event.

The titles for abstracts are as follows:

• Effect of Print Direction on Mechanical Properties of a 3D Printed Flexible Lactide-based Copolymer

• A Study of Load Transition in Partially Absorbable Hernia Mesh on the Healing Response of a Chronic Abdominal Wall Defect in a Rabbit Model

• Synthesis, degradation, and mechanical properties of Strataprene® 3534, an elastic-like bioresorbable polymer

• In vitro mechanical properties of high glycolide content monofilaments

• Novel Cyanoacrylate Monomers for Internal Wound Approximation: A Preliminary Study

If you want to connect with the Poly-Med team, contact Erin Ford at erin.ford@poly-med.com to set up a meeting.

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