Poly-Med Launches Poly-Med 3D

Poly-Med, Inc., the leader in bioresorbable solutions, announces the launch of Poly-Med 3D Printing a vertically integrated design and custom manufacturing advantage that produces specialized materials, with innovative design supported by, and in-house fused filament printing services for, the medical device industry.

Poly-Med 3D Printing enables more efficient development of bioresorbable devices for the medical world, resulting in faster development to market for prototype and ready to manufacture leading edge medical devices.

Ever since Charles Hull first proposed the three-dimensional (3D) printing process in 1984, the technology has developed rapidly and well beyond what originally seemed possible. 3D Printing and moreover, additive manufacturing, has emerged as a formidable force in the ever-expanding medical device and pharmaceutical fields. Now, 34 years since that first inspiration, the promise of additive manufacturing of absorbable medical implants, pharmaceuticals, and scaffolds for tissue replacement is a reality.

Poly-Med’s focus on bioresorbable materials and their development into first-in-class medical devices, has been developed and delivered for the medical market for the past 25 years. With the ability to provide fully traceable, medical-grade polymers and filaments for additive manufacturing, Poly-Med’s materials offer distinct advantages by their unique properties based on their composition, architecture, and desired performance. Poly-Med’s bioresorbable materials are not only guaranteed to have the best quality standards, they also provide innovative properties that yield a better printing experience, coupled with enhanced device functionality.

With over 910 polymer solutions, we are continuously developing bioresorbable materials for your device needs. If you have a device in mind that’s absorbable, Poly-Med is able to prototype it, or fully develop it, with 3D Printing Services.

For more information visit the Poly-Med 3D Printing page or contact us today.