Poly-Med, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation in South Carolina

Poly-Med, Inc., one of the first biotech companies creating bioresorbable polymers for use in medical and pharmaceutical devices is celebrating an important milestone in their history this year; 25 Years of Innovation in South Carolina.

Poly-Med, Inc. was founded by Dr. Shalaby W. Shalaby, considered one of the forefathers of the bioresorbable polymer industry. He was one of the lead inventors for several bioresorbable products that we still use today, notably, the Vicryl®suture.

Dr. Shalaby came to South Carolina in 1990 to teach and conduct research at Clemson University. He launched Poly-Med, Inc. in 1993, as a means to translate his research into medical therapies, as well as to mentor, teach, and sponsor former and current students’ continuing education.

Today, under Dave Shalaby, Dr. Shalaby’s son, Poly-Med, Inc. creates first-in-class transformative bioresorbable medical devices and pharmaceutical products, which have improved millions of patient’s lives. Poly-Med, a once small startup, has been built into a sustainable technology company that attracts and retains the best engineers, scientists, and collaborators from around the world. Dr. Shalaby had a vision when he started Poly-Med, Inc. in South Carolina. He enabled many employees to gain experience, share ideas, in a collaborative effort, and help lay the foundation for the next generation of bioresorbable polymers and medical devices. Under Dave Shalaby’s, leadership, Poly-Med, Inc. has been taken to the next level, and continues to support and improve on the things his father held dear, the application of research,  education, and fostering innovation..

“The work we do at Poly-Med is meaningful in so many ways. As a researcher, we have a chance to work with the most advanced materials and technologies. As a product developer, we work to create first-of-their-kind products to help solve unmet needs. As a collaborator, we get to work with people and companies around the world in a way that we could not have ever imagined. This is how we continue to grow the history of Poly-Med – taking chances, identifying (sometimes hidden) talent, and building new ideas into a meaningful reality.” – Scott Taylor, CTO.

Through continued improvement in personal and professional growth, Poly-Med, Inc. employees are ready and excited to further advance and innovate in the medtech and biotech industries and continue making strides to improve patient quality of life through the devices they manufacture.