Advancing Bioresorbable Polymers & Drug Delivery Applications

New clinical and market applications in the area of drug delivery offer growing opportunities for bioresorbable materials. Recently, Poly-Med attended the annual meeting for the Controlled Release Society (CRS) in Seattle, WA. With approximately 1200 attendees from both industry and academia, CRS was a strong combination of collaborative interaction to capture current industry practices and early stage investigative research. The scientific program and industry expo further supported this to allow one-on-one interaction with researchers and companies to assist in product development and commercialization efforts.

Consistent themes from CRS emphasized the importance of designing for the end-user application and meeting challenging market needs. For example, Global Health market applications offer great opportunities to help third world populations in areas including but not limited to long acting contraceptives, vaccines and anti-HIV administration.

Though, product development challenges in manufacturing, supply chain, frequency of administration, and pricing limitations still remain. Funding agencies such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation fund both academic and industrial research to overcome these challenges and impact the lives of many people worldwide.

At Poly-Med, our bioresorbable polymers offer new options in controlled released drug delivery applications to address current and future clinical needs. Using bioresorbable materials for controlled release can result in improved patient compliance and lower dosage requirements for some pharmaceutical agents with less risk of long-term foreign body material effects.

Poly-Med materials can be tailored to customize the release profile and formulation properties. More importantly, our vertical integration model allows us to identify the right Poly-Med materials, create formulations in varying formats, and characterize various analytical properties all in-house.
Streamlining processes for our clients and building partnerships in early product design and development stages allows us to create custom formulations for mutual benefit to our clients and ultimately, to patients.

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Bethany Acampora, Ph.D.
Product Design Team Lead
Poly-Med, Inc.

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