We offer a wide range of absorbable polymers which are applicable for drug delivery as inactive excipients. These polyester based polymer excipients allow for facile processing with active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and a customizable continued release profiles.

Polymer for drug delivery can range from preformed lactide-co-glycolide articles such as microspheres, particulates, or other articles that can also be rate modifying agents. These materials can increase the permeability of solid constructs. Poly-Med polymers can also be tailored to incorporate a variety of chemistries allowing incorporation of multiple types of APIs with varying affinities for the polymeric carrier and a variety of release rates based on degradation time frame of the polymeric carrier.


Our Viscoprene™ depot system is a unique and novel liquid block copolymer that conforms to a semi-solid structure when exposed to aqueous settings. This highly customizable drug delivery platform can provide a drug release profile that is continuous.


With our Viscoprene™ system, or as a stand-alone additive, we offer our drug release modifier Moduprene™ as a way to tailor drug release kinetics. This low molecular weight particulate system is specifically designed for extending sustainable delivery from days to weeks.