Poly-Med provides a variety of filaments for 3D-printing applications. These fibers are the only biocompatible and bioresorbable 3D-printing filaments supported by an ISO 13485-certified quality system.

Poly-Med filaments are synthesized, extruded, inspected, packaged and shipped using fully traceable processes.

We currently offer the polymers below and also can provide custom material solutions for your 3D printing applications.

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Max-Prene® 955

Max-Prene 955 This polymer family provides the recognized performance of PGLA copolymers tailored for the most demanding applications.

Dioxaprene® 100M

Dioxanone 100M provides the recognized performance of PDO based polymers. Polydioxanone polymers are utilized for their extended strength retention coupled wtih flexibility.

Lactoprene® 100M

Lactoprene® 100M provides a fully traceable medical grade alternative to PLA filaments currently available. Lactoprene® 100M offers long lasting strength and mass retention making it ideal for printing applications where long term structural integrity needs to be maintained