Analytical Services : Thermal

Poly-Med Analytics Thermal dsc

Differential Scanning Calorimetry

An essential analytical technique used for detecting the thermal transitions of both amorphous and crystalline polymers. Transitions include glass transition temperature (Tg), temperature of crystallinity (Tc), heat of fusion (ΔHf), and melting temperature (Tm).

Poly-Med Analytics Thermal tga

Thermogravimetric Calorimetry

An analytical technique where the mass is measured as function of varying temperature or time. Some common uses for TGA are measurements for thermal degradation, phase transition determination, formulation of organic/inorganic mixtures, degree of curing, and reaction kinetics.

Poly-Med Analytics Thermal dma

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

For measuring the mechanical behavior of materials under modulation of time, temperature, or frequency. This analytical technique allows for deeper insights into the complex dynamic modulus and thermal transitions of materials. One of the more common uses of DMA is to measure the glass transition temperature of a material.

Poly-Med Analytics Thermal rheo

Cone/Plate Rheometry

A fluid or molten sample is placed between a horizontal plate and a shallow (1°) cone. The cone is rotated to determine shear stress within the material at varying rotational velocities and temperatures. This is often used for low molecular weight polymers and to study the gelation kinetics of polymer systems.

Poly-Med Analytics Thermal mfi

Melt Flow Index

Analysis that measures the flow of a material through a capillary under set conditions of temperature and pressure. MFI is typically reported in grams of material to flow through the capillary in 10 minutes (g/10 min.)